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ITEM NO: Type       Wattage Voltage  Base   Capacitance   Bulb  Cover Color 
HB-1010 Fluorescent lamp starter   4-80W /4-65W   110-130/220-240V Aluminum nail/ Copper nail  polyester     Level top   Plastic, ABS , Aluminum,PC WHITE, BLUE 

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DESCRIPTION: electronic lamp starters, fluorescent starter,Blue Light Fluorescent Tube
, Used in families, factories, public places and so on. Application
Fluorescent lamp starters are widly used in of fluorescent lights. The starter is there to help the lamp light.Our starters have a uniform quality and very competitive prices due to our perfect processing control through the newest fully automatic assembly and inspection machines.We supply customers with wide range of starters with its excellent performance of quick start,long life,safe and stable.

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