large differences in export and consumption markets

According to the report, cross-border online consumption structure varies greatly among countries. Therefore, targeted market layout and localization strategy is of great significance for the implementation of the product.
At present, in the Asian region represented by South Korea and the Russian market spanning Europe and Asia, the sales share of mobile phones and computers begins to decline, and the trend of category expansion is very obvious. As the country with the highest cross-border consumption of jd online, the sales of mobile phones and computers in Russia have dropped by 10.6% and 2.2% respectively in the past three years, while the sales of beauty, health, household appliances, automotive supplies, clothing accessories and toys have increased. European countries represented by Hungary still have a relatively large demand for mobile phones and accessories, and their export sales of beauty, health, bags and gifts, and shoes and boots have increased significantly. In South America, represented by Chile, the sales of mobile phones decreased, while the sales of smart products, computers and digital products increased. In African countries represented by Morocco, the proportion of export sales of mobile phones, clothing and home appliances has increased significantly.

Post time: Jul-11-2020